We had a simple goal when we created FieldFlo: to ease the pains for as many specialty subcontractor companies as possible. Our journey started somewhat selfishly because we ourselves were the subcontractors when we started looking for a better way to do business!

Our mission is to help companies focus on what’s most important and spend less time worrying about the tedious and redundant tasks that cause so many issues and heartache in our industry. For example, issues surrounding time tracking, crew tracking, safety paperwork completion and tracking, permitting, certification tracking, skill tracking, internal warehouse ordering, inventory, closeout reporting and lastly, the overall tracking of all aspect of your projects. If any of these steps or processes go overlooked during a project's life cycle, it can lead to wasted time, tremendous additional labor costs, and sometimes even regulatory fines and/or citations

We often look back and think how much more productivity the companies we've worked for would have experienced, and the money the company could have saved, had we been running off of a solution like FieldFlō.

We hope to contribute this to the specialty subcontractor world and give you something that's easy and won't break the bank.

Hence the second "WHY" to creating FieldFlō ourselves...COST! Prior to creating FieldFlo we thought it would just be easier to go to a SaaS company and have them whip it up for us. We were quoted upwards of $100K just to start and $15K each year after and it wasn't even going to truly be our processes. Essentially they were just going to digitize our forms and allow you to send them. That's when we decided to reach out to some old friends and take on the project ourselves and make something that would be affordable and easy to use for everyone!

We came from the abatement/demolition industry and hence any change was difficult for us. Afterall, we’d been using whiteboards and spreadsheets for decades! So, our focus from the beginning of development was to create something that anyone could learn to use no matter their age, language, education or technical acumen. As subcontractors, we wear many hats a daily basis. We don't just bid jobs and walk away. We source materials, interface with regulatory agencies, and service our clients. We manage our employees, marketing efforts, staff, production, and inventories. We deal with more variables than most. However, if all of these variables could work together in one fine-tuned system it really could be quite easy to manage. We know this because we've lived this. All the growing pains pushed us to find solutions which culminated into one system - and the only system for specialty subcontractros. FieldFlō is born!

We hope that we can work together to continue to relieve the inefficiencies of our industry and get back to having fun performing exciting projects!