When we set out to create FieldFlō, our goal was straightforward: to alleviate the challenges faced by specialty subcontractor companies. Our journey began from a personal need; we were subcontractors ourselves, searching for a better way to conduct business.

Our mission is clear: to enable subcontractors to focus on their core priorities, reducing the time spent on mundane and repetitive tasks that plague our industry.

From time tracking to safety paperwork, crew management to inventory control, the list of tasks we aim to streamline is extensive. Neglecting any of these steps during a project's lifecycle can result in wasted time, increased labor costs, and potential regulatory penalties.

Reflecting on our past experiences, we recognize the untapped productivity and savings potential for companies had they utilized a solution like FieldFlō.

Cost was another driving factor behind FieldFlō's creation. Initially considering outsourcing the development to a SaaS company, we were met with exorbitant quotes that didn't align with our needs. Rather than settling for digitized forms, we decided to take matters into our own hands, creating an affordable and user-friendly solution tailored to our industry.

Coming from the abatement/demolition sector, change wasn't easy for us, accustomed to whiteboards and spreadsheets. Hence, our primary focus during development was accessibility. We aimed to create a system that transcends age, language, education, and technical expertise, ensuring anyone could navigate it effortlessly.

As subcontractors, we juggle numerous responsibilities daily, from sourcing materials to liaising with regulatory bodies and servicing clients. FieldFlō emerged from our collective experience, addressing the complexities of our industry in a singular, comprehensive system.

We hope that we can work together to continue to relieve the inefficiencies of our industry and get back to having fun performing exciting projects! Let's work together to make the journey smoother and more enjoyable for all involved.