Create your own custom digital forms to fit the specific needs and processes of your company!

Form Builder

Simple. Fast. Robust

We’ve given you the power to create virtually any type of form, or document, you’ll ever need whether it be out in the field, or in the office. Easily build beautiful forms in minutes, deploy them out to the field to be filled out by the foreman, receive automatic alerts once they’ve been completed or when issues arise. It’s that simple. Here are some examples of the various digital forms our partners have created;

COVID Daily Sign Off Form
Daily Production Logs
Equipment Inspections
RFI Forms
LOTO Procedure and Sign Offs
Hot Work Permits
Confined Space Permits, T&M sheets
Waste Shipment Logs
+ Way More

You Can Now Easily:


Create Company, or Client, specific digital forms to capture data in real time from the field or office


Auto-Send – You’re able to designate which individual/s receive the form once it’s been completed


Create instant alerts in case your supervisor answers a question in a manner that requires additional attention


Make forms ‘Mandatory’ so that they must be properly filled out by the competent person each day