Keeping Your People Safe and Preserving Capital for Contractors and Insurers

Manage safety documentation, compliance tracking and reporting from a single interface.




Stay Organized & Ensure Compliance

The process starts and ends with documentation for any Workers Comp Incident or claim.  Documentation and evidence are the heart and soul of this program.  The Plaintiff Counsel fully understand the challenges of a construction worksite and the workforce on site.  They understand the challenges, management has to capture and document the multiple items required to prove every possible effort is being made to comply with applicable, codes, statutes, rules, and regulations.  Plaintiff Counsel thrive and feast on these challenges.  They benefit greatly by the sloppiness and inadequacies of the record keeping of the construction industry, until now.  

Manage Pre-Loss Documentation, Certifications & Compliance

FieldFlo offers the most comprehensive safety training and certification tracking on the market. Tradesman and it's insureds can use our software to:

Track and manage certificates. 

Receive real-time alerts for safety and compliance issues.

Develop and distribute custom safety trainings to mandatory participants.

Create certificate packages in seconds.

Run training reports to track company and employee training efforts.

Establish lifetime employee training histories.

Create & Automate Custom Safety Trainings

With FieldFlo, contractors can create their own custom safety trainings to meet specific needs. Team members can complete the training from their own devices and FieldFlo will create, file, and store their certificates as soon as they complete and pass their training. 

Employee Verification

Employee must sign off that they approve their time, verify that they weren’t injured, and that they took their regulated breaks.  Geo-tagging enables companies to know where employees are clocking in from and therefore also be able to see fraudulent activity in real-time.
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Why FieldFlo for contractors and the insurers?

Contractors and their insurers have long depended on outdated methods to ensure that safety and loss control measures are effectively implemented on their projects

These same contractors and their insurers have been vulnerable to significant and even fraudulent claims due to their challenges in enforcing compliance with the "Duty of Care" on-site, the inability to promptly address incidents or near misses as they happen, and the struggle to demonstrate that they have met the necessary standards set by regulations and laws. 

FieldFlo offers a range of features to address these challenges, allowing real-time monitoring of projects, verification of safety protocols, and ensuring thorough review of Tasks, Hazards, and Controls for a safe work environment. Instant access to pre-loss documentation helps mitigate risks and protect capital. With FieldFlo, the possibilities are endless.

Trusted by Industry Experts


"After a shoring failure, we reviewed Daily Logs in FieldFlo and found that our supervisor had identified, photographed, and reported improper installation of shoring to responsible contractor on site. This protected our company from any liability discovered in the follow up investigation."

- Sarah Coggins, Senior Operator at the Alloy Group

Who We Serve

FieldFlo safety management software was created and developed specifically for specialty subcontractors and their insurers.


"We had an employee report an injury that we knew to be fraudulent. The set aside was large for this claim but with the help of FieldFlo, we were able to show that 74 times the employee signed off that they were not injured, and 74 times we proved that they were given the appropriate instruction to do the work safely. We successfully defended the claim."

- Shawn Lopez, President at Orion Environmental

Other Features of FieldFlo Software for Specialty Subcontractors

With FieldFlo, specialty subcontractors can enjoy a seamless, efficient, and productive work environment, transforming the way they manage your projects. Here are some of the additional benefits that Tradesman insureds have while using FieldFlo:

Project Management & Safety Management

Streamline your field operations and prioritize safety with ease. Manage documentation, certificates, and employee safety from a unified dashboard. Ensure compliance and maintain a well-organized, high-performing team.

Dashboards, Reporting & CRM

Gain instant clarity on your business performance with our intuitive dashboards and in-depth reporting tools. Combined with a robust CRM system, you can track and support your sales efforts efficiently, empowering you to make informed decisions and nurture leads effectively.

Time Tracking, Payroll & Job Costing

Simplify payroll and job costing with FieldFlo. Efficient time tracking, including per diem tracking and SMS sign-out, aligns with real-time cost tracking for estimates and actuals, ensuring accurate billing and profitable bids.

Inventory, Equipment & Document Management

Keep a tab on your assets and documents. Manage inventory, equipment rentals, and document organization effectively, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime while ensuring easy access and sharing.

Online Training, Certificate & HR Tracking

Foster team growth and compliance with custom training modules, automatic certificate generation, and comprehensive HR tracking. Manage incidents, skills, and roles, ensuring your team stays competent and compliant.

Scheduling System & Form Builder

Optimize team scheduling and create custom forms tailored to your business needs. Our interactive scheduling system and form builder streamline processes, saving time and enhancing operational efficiency.

Keep your people safe and your capital preserved

with FieldFlo's construction software